1. To teach or not to teach?

    +++These last few days have been trying. A few weeks ago I was bright, idealistic, and had no idea what I was signing up for when I enrolled in the Oxford Seminar TEFL course. I knew it would an intensive three weeks, but I trusted that I would get through whatever the course hurled my way. What I had not imagined:

    1- There was no way I was going to be able to get all the reading done, especially…

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  2. Every breath is a sacrament, an affirmation of our connection with all other living things, a renewal of our link with our ancestors and a contribution to generations yet to come.
    David Suzuki (via purplebuddhaproject)
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  3. azizaesque:

    Wazir Khan Masjid, Lahore’s old Walled City, Photographs by ||| Tammie

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    Piri Reis, 1465-1555

    Book on Navigation, Late 17th century-early 18th century

    Ink and pigments on laid European paper bound between boards covered with red leather with gold.

    The Walters Art Museum

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Nature, animals, beauty, advice and healing blog.

Friendship bracelets galore!
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  6. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.
    Pablo Neruda    (via corvidae-and-crossroads)
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  7. The most obvious – and easiest! – way to gain perspective is to put your work away for a while.
    The truth is, we don’t know how taking a break frees up the mind, but it does: Somehow it freshens our little neurons, or perhaps it prompts the brain to create more cleverness molecules.
    If you can bear to let a short piece sit a week and a book-length work a month, do so. Longer is fine, too; some authors have abandoned manuscripts for years before unearthing them and realizing, ‘Hey, this isn’t bad,’ and renewing their energy for the project.
    Elizabeth Sims (via writingquotes)
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  8. uncube:

Nuno Cera, “Futureland”, Cairo
Source: uncube magazine, uncu.be/13767781
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  9. rcabbasi:

    Old Walled City — Lahore, Pakistan, 2012

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  10. Often when I write I am trying to make words do the work of line and color. I have the painter’s sensitivity to light. Much…of my writing is verbal painting.
    Elizabeth Bowen (via planb-becomeapirate)
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