1. Nerdy fact of the day…it’s Hermione Granger’s birthday!

  2. 6 Keys to Revising Your Fiction | WritersDigest.com

    All y’all looking to revise fiction… I know I’m one of them.

  3. Eudora Welty, "Place in Fiction," COLLECTED ESSAYS, New York, 1994.

    "Place is one of the lesser angels that watch over the racing
    hand of fiction, perhaps the one that gazes benignly enough
    from off to one side, while others, like character, plot, sym-
    bolic meaning, and so on, are doing a good deal of wing-
    beating about her chair, and feeling, who in my eyes carries
    the crown, soars highest of them all and rightly relegates place
    into the shade. Nevertheless, it is this lowlier angel that con-
    cerns us here. There have been signs that she has been rather
    neglected of late; maybe she could do with a little petitioning...."
    Scanned, copy-edited, and spell-checked by Melissa Murray, The University of Virginia,
  4. I am beginning to doubt my ability to continue this blog until graduation. When I started in September (actually August 30th), I always assumed the blog would end when Spain ended, and go back about my daily life. But I forgot about a thing called the aftermath, the transition back to the American way of life, and I never even realized I would fall so much in love with Barcelona that I would want to live there. I didn’t even think I would make it to this point—I honestly thought I would flop at some point and stop blogging all together. This has not been the case: I have succeeded, and managed to account for nearly all of my days abroad. I am now wondering what would have happened if I had discovered blogging sooner, and the necessity of writing every day; I’ve been lectured on this need but insisted on being a writer governed by “inspiration.” I actually had a 16 month hiatus starting the day after I got to college and running about halfway through my Sophomore year. This was devastating. Then lo and behold I have Robin Metz for fiction, and it did wonders. He cared more about the process of writing, the constant addition and revision of it. Once a week we were to turn in five pages of it, and then we would either meet with our groups or with him. And if your work wasn’t discussed in class he would talk with you. Someone was always looking at your work, and I learned something important: if you constantly force yourself to write, the inspiration never stops. That is the key to great writers, and that is how people manage to plug through something crazy like Nanowrimo or quickly finishing a novel. I will soon begin the process of copy-pasting everything I have written into word, and slowly editing it.

    Today I have been editing a few of my stories, however I feel I’ve been fundamentally changing them to better adher to the themes I want, and not necessarily aiding the structure I want. I was hoping to fix a couple of scripts I had been working on, one of which was Painted Walls, which I have worked on with Lindsay. I am thoroughly convinced we will be the ultimate dynamic duo, but I realize it will not do for our one portfolio piece to have long, rambling, often aimless monologue simply in order to maintain a “voice.” I am now unconvinced by my own script more than ever, and feel that if I am to be showing something off to another artist, it should at least be something manageable and cleaned up a bit even if it’s not the best work. I convinced myself I would edit it line by line (my new philosophy until I find a better way to do this), and ended up changing the entire dynamic and including the previously absent father. I haven’t seen it through yet, and I was considering having the girl kill her bunny instead of her brother. It would be sadly more credible, and maybe even tragic to see her fall to that point. I am not sure I see the point however since I didn’t really aim to write a new story, nor do I want Lindsay to have to come up with an entirely new set of images. What do you to revise a story, do you change its essence to get better across its theme, or do you try to clean it up as best you can and try and move on?

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