1. Eudora Welty, "Place in Fiction," COLLECTED ESSAYS, New York, 1994.

    "Place is one of the lesser angels that watch over the racing
    hand of fiction, perhaps the one that gazes benignly enough
    from off to one side, while others, like character, plot, sym-
    bolic meaning, and so on, are doing a good deal of wing-
    beating about her chair, and feeling, who in my eyes carries
    the crown, soars highest of them all and rightly relegates place
    into the shade. Nevertheless, it is this lowlier angel that con-
    cerns us here. There have been signs that she has been rather
    neglected of late; maybe she could do with a little petitioning...."
    Scanned, copy-edited, and spell-checked by Melissa Murray, The University of Virginia,

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